Photo Essay: On duty by the Sea

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La Jolla, CA — This photo essay is about life guards and why they are important. They care about others and are even sometimes prepared to give their own lives to save others. They’re an important part of our community, our heroes. They are always on the watch.

— Belix Guerra


Photo Essay: Many ways to enjoy La Jolla Cove

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La Jolla, CA — La Jolla Cove is a seaside spot enjoyed by San Diego locals and tourists. People engage in a variety of activities here such as diving, snorkeling, exploring the rocks along the Cove, and simply enjoying the beach.

— Sarabi Rodriguez

Course reflection

Our three-week course passed very quickly! What a whirlwind. The students in our course accomplished a great deal — we are very proud of them. And the Academic Connections ceremony last Saturday was lovely. As was meeting students’ family and friends.

We’ll be posting the remaining blog entries written by the students here as well as selections of their work, so check back.

Already, we miss their enthusiasm and vigor. Wishing all the students the best of luck and lots of journalistic energy as they head into the fall term.

— Monika & Tara

Saying goodbye to Academic Connections

Time flies fast. I can’t believe that the week is almost over and that the program is done on Saturday. These past three weeks have been amazing.  I have learned so much and met a lot of people. There is something about the program that brings everyone close. I’m going to miss living in the dorms and also my suitemates from my floor. I will miss the activities that happened in the USCD. Especially those days when my friends and I would have volleyball games or play other sports. It’s going to be hard saying goodbye, because I don’t know when I’ll see some of the people again. Some live in a whole different country, for example, my friend will go back to Puerto Rico.

I’m also going to miss my class.  Everyone got very close. I’m going to miss those discussions about journalism in the class and the activities we did. I have learned so much about journalism that I didn’t know. I’m so fortune that I had the opportunity to take the class and have the experience of a journalist. I learned that it’s not easy to be a journalist, there is a lot that goes in to becoming one. There are risks you have to take and decisions to make that might get you out of your comfort zone.

The journalism class had the amazing opportunity to visit the San Diego Union Tribune. I was very excited to learn the history behind the Union Tribune and that now the paper is just called U-T San Diego.  We had the opportunity to meet with Jeff Light, the editor and vice president of content. We learned a lot about his job as editor: how a newspaper is run and the responsibilities of many of the individuals that work there.

Something that caught my eye was seeing many people working on putting everything together for the newspaper. They have many staff members that have different responsibilities. There is a lot that goes into a newspaper and running one too. We also had the chance to go to the printing press that that U-T San Diego has. The printing press has been there for a very long time. It’s very cool seeing a newspaper have its own press. I learned so much on that trip.

This last week of the program we have been learning about photography and copy editing, what goes into all these elements, how to take pictures and how to catch the perfect moment. How a photo might tell different stories to different audiences. There is so much that goes into multimedia journalism and it is all very interesting. Everything that I learned in the course I’m going to take with me because I got to experience different types of journalism, which was very exciting. Both Tara –Lynne Pixley and Monika Sengul-Jones were amazing teachers and they taught me a lot. I appreciate everything they taught us. I’m going to take everything I learned for the future. These past three weeks were amazing, but now it’s time to say goodbye and go back home.

— Alisson Orellana

Putting it all together

Who knew a three week course at Academic Connections (AC) could completely change my views on not only how I think, but also what I want to do. When I saw that AC was offering a journalism class I was very excited, because journalism is a career that I want to pursue. Now after taking this course I have learned so much, not only about how to write an article, but also about the industry of journalism and how it all comes together, whether as a newspaper or an online article.

Now having visited a couple of news organizations, I have learned of the many options journalism can give you and now know more of what I want or don’t want out of this career. Journalism these days is not only about writing, it’s about telling a story and that can happen in many ways. For example a story can be told through pictures or text. Pictures are very important to journalism and knowing how to take them or work with them can get you far in this industry.

Academic Connections and the Multimedia Journalism class have taught me a lot and given me so much to think about for my own future. It’s been a great three weeks!